I Love You Because…

Oh How Wonderful!
So I know this is not really a teacher post but I am so excited to show you what I made. This sparked so much creativity inside of me that I wanted to post the original so you can see all the different signs that I created.

This first one is for the love of my life. This is what started my creativity. We constantly try to make sure that each other knows why we love each other. When I leave for work in the early mornings or he leaves for work we write a little post-it note to each other. So after going through Pinterest I found out that you can use expo markers to write on a picture frame. Lo & Behold I created an “I Love You Because…”

I used a 10×10 frame that I bought from Michaels. It cost only $5.99. Then I bought a fabulous background (green one) for only $.99. I then created a small template on my computer and printed it and then Voila! 
Now I can write a message using Expo Markers on the glass and leave him sweet messages.

After I saw how AMAZING this looked, I created one for my desk and I can remember anything that I need for my classroom.
I am so proud of my new frames! 

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