I am already one week into the summer, and I am eager to get back into my classroom! Today, I created a document that has the different types of evaluative questions. I took a quick picture {see below} of the stars printed on card stock paper.

I then laminated them and put them on a popsicle stick. The popsicle stick has glitter on it. I will post a picture of the final outcome very soon. If you would like to have this document {free} then click on the free button and take your creativity to another level. 
Happy shopping and Happy Pinning.
I decided to come {back} to this post and put the finished project up. They came out so great! I am so proud of them. I ended up doing them color sorted from lower level questioning to higher order questioning. I followed the “ROY G BIV” order. I just did not use the I. I will add a picture of one star from each color. If you want the document then choose the {free} button above to get the document. 

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