Exit Slips

I {love} Pinterest. I feel that as a teacher, it has helped introduce many different things into my classroom! There are many things that I discovered from Pinterest. One is that I should do exit slips. This will show me what my students learned, and if they need help with something, they can easily write it here without feeling embarassed. While pinning, I found a pin 
that shows that you can go to Home Depot to cut your composition notebooks in half. I was still struggling at this point on wasting so much paper for my exit slips that I instantly got an idea!! What if… now hear me out… what if I cut the composition notebooks and create an awesome cover on the front and have the students write their exit slips. So, I did just that. I went to Home Depot and got my notebooks cut. I decided this year to make my theme correlate with the colors of the classroom. I am putting up black, red, and (some) white on the 5 bulletin boards in my classroom and the theme is Dr. Seuss. This will all make sense in a moment. So I decided to find a quote from Dr. Seuss and print it on red card stock and mod podge it to the notebook. The front is the picture that has the front of the composition notebook. My quote for Dr. Seuss is so that students are allowed to think in my classroom. I also wanted to keep a reminder for them, about what they need to do every day inside of their notebooks. I will allow my students to write what they do not know, or what they totally got! Which is why I included the gloat part. Everyday, the students will fill this out and I can check in on it on a daily basis. If the students are struggling, this will be there way of informing me. I hope this can help anyone that wants an exit slip!
                           Happy Pinning!

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