Space missing on your board?

I {love} to write on the marker board! I love using Expo Markers….or the newest thing the Dry Erase Crayons! I am enjoying the crayons very much and cannot wait to use them everyday in the classroom! In my classroom, I only have one 18 foot marker board. It sounds GIGANTIC but it is not. Unfortunately, my projector screen takes up 9 feet of the board. Did I mention that it is directly in the center of the board so I have 4.5 feet on the left side, and 4.5 on the right side. Then I try to use about 2 feet for homework and it becomes a board with no room to write when all I want to do is write on the marker board.
With that… I present my newest creation! My creation came from a colleague who works 8 feet from me. I get to poke my head into her room to say hello! As I usually do, I stay in her room to see how the lessons are going. We like to see how our students react because I had an ESE room and she was ELL. It intrigued us how differently the students learned. While poking around in her room, I saw a marker board that contained that nights homework. I {loved} the idea of having the homework on a marker board that was only 3 feet by 4 feet. I can easily put it up on the board and move it when I need the board! 
Although, my colleague wrote on the board the subjects and then the homework…I decided that I wanted to modify it a little bit. I wanted to be able to have the homework listed with the subjects and that it will match my classroom. 
In case you haven’t heard… my theme in my classroom is Dr. Seuss with black, and red colors! This will go so well with my color theme! I am so excited!

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