Log it up

I know that I am being a complete bum this summer by enjoying the pool and watching TV on those rainy days. Today…is an indoor day! As I sit here, I watch Men In Black (the first) and I watch my puppy run around and cause havoc all around the apartment. I try to type this to you… and she sits on the keyboard. My little one discovered toilet paper today. Below is a picture of her enjoying it very very much.

As I was laying in bed last night, trying to sleep (even though I knew it wouldn’t happen for about 30 minutes) i thought of the new books that I bought earlier in the day. Then I started to think about how will I be able to ensure that my students are enjoying the new books that I bought? Well…why not have them log it? Every night they have to read 20 minutes. Now, I can have a folder where they can jot down the answer to the question of the week. It will help them master the skill and the following week will contain a different question. Next year, our state will have a test regarding response to reading, Why not start early with this class? I posted earlier this summer titled Stars.

This document will allow the students to respond to what they have read during the Daily 5. This will allow them to have higher order thinking. (LOVE) With the reading logs for home, I can see them grow but they will also be able to see themselves grow. I placed a spot at the bottom called “My GRL this week is:___”. I created this so that the students can see themselves grow. It will not just say that I have seen them grow but they can see themselves grow. Their parents have to sign saying they agree that they have read and the student also has to sign saying that it is correct.

I hope that this will be able to help you trace your students writing and reading. This document contains 40 weeks (pages)of Reading Journal Logs. Each week has a different question for Reading Response. In my classroom, I make a copy of each page (front & back) to save paper and then punch holes in it. Then I take it and place it in a 3 ring folder and the students can use this all year. Every Friday, I collect it and then I use it as part of the reading and writing development. 

The pictures above show the cover the reading journal and Week 8 of the reading log. You can find this document at TN store. I hope you enjoy this throughout the year!

Happy shopping & happy pinning!

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