folder covers

Hooray! It’s almost time for school! We go back to “decorate” our classroom on the 14th of August and school starts the following Monday! I am way too excited about this and I know that I should be saying “SUMMER WENT BY TOO FAST!!!” I’m not though! I am so eager to get to know my new class and smell all the brand new supplies and help them ALL pass the FCAT test! This post is to show you what I decided to give to my students for the reading log folder. As you already know…I LOVE making projects but today contained none of my fancy schmancy machines that I own. Today I used shipping (packaging) tape, 25 one color folder (I chose blue), glue stick, and a color printer ( I chose Office Depot to print-I don’t have a color printer. 
I will give you step by step directions on how to create this masterpiece!
Step 1. Buy the folders, print the document, and have a glue stuck ready. 
Step 2. Glue the paper corners (or the middle) just so its enough and paste it to the front of the folder.

Step 3. Cut the shipping (packaging) tape to the size of the folder. Then paste it to the folder. The tape will act as a laminator instead of running the folder through a laminator. This will ensure that the folder will stay firm throughout the year that the students will be able to transport the folder every day to and from work.
I place the reading logs that was posted here and put it inside of the folder. 

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