Calendar Math

Last year when I created the morning “work”, I always did a worksheet. It was to basically make them sit and get ready for the morning. I tried to make it so it was geared for what they were to learn through the day but most of them just shoved it in their desk. It was a very upsetting time because they just didn’t care. This year…will be different! Mark my words! This year, for morning work my students will be doing Calendar Math! Hooray! I have always been skeptical about it because I thought it was for the younger grades. I found a couple of ideas from pinterest (amazing website!) and wanted to rearrange things so it would suit the students that are in my class. Lo and behold the newest {frankenstein} creation…MY CALENDAR MATH!

I did not put it as an entire page because we have a limited amount of copies that we can make throughout the year. Therefore, it is only half a page for each day. I only collect the Calendar Math on Friday’s but it is a grade. I put these in a folder and then I have them keep it there all year long. This will help them see themselves grow. As we get further into the chapters of the books, I will change it so that the students can gain more experience on that particular subject.

This document is a freebie on my TN’s store and use it as much as you would like. Happy shopping and happy pinning!

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