Wow… I always forget how young the students are when they first enter our class. Since my “things” are coming in so young, they don’t yet have a full aspect of 4th grade & expectations. I had to adjust some things because the students are still at a point where they won’t admit if they understand something or need help. We are also working on self-assessment for the students. The students have to analyze themselves by a 1-4 scale. One being a -“Help me! I don’t understand”. A two- is “I need some help, but it can wait a few minutes.” A three is “I am good to go!” A four is “I can teach someone!” Some of my munchkins though are putting up 4’s (as a perfect score) when they don’t know anything. So I decided to go to my helping hand to guide me as to what to do with my students. Pinterest. Pinterest had amazing things but then I modified it. I created an awesome document that contains two different things. 
1. Is the scale on one side. 

2. The other side is to show me if they need help after learning something new. I used the same paper and flipped it in the printer. Now, I can have the students mark if they are stuck, or good to go. They get to keep this on their desk and on the corner so it can indicate if they need assistance.

This last picture was shown because I have about 35 students (between two classes). I punched a hole into each of the circles. I then took a paper clip and pushed it through the hole. I used some cool duct tape (zebra) and sealed it shut so it didn’t poke the kids or separate. I am so excited to start this tomorrow. I know the kids will love it!! If you would like the document, you can go to my TN store or my TpT store. I hope you enjoy it. 
Happy shopping & Happy Pinning!

12 thoughts on “Evaluations

  1. TeachingWonderland says:

    Absolutely! I printed each page on card stock. I did NOT do front to back. I also correlated it to my signs in my classroom which allowed the kids to keep it in order. I then cut it out. I want to say that it was about 1″ and I used a craft hole punch to do it. Hopefully this helped!


  2. Kelli Wilson says:

    I have tried the colored solo cups and when it worked, loved it. The clicking sounds helped me as well as the visual indicators. If only all students were able to manage this. LOL. I like how you added tags for each one. Curious how well they held up?


  3. Terri Ryan says:

    Thanks for sharing! I've used fist to five with older students, but this is more private and a student might be more likely to show they need help. I also work with preschoolers and I could use a series of smiley faces instead to see if they understand the instructions. Our administrator looks for something like this when she comes in to observe us for evaluations. 🙂


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