It’s been forever!

Hello everyone!
It has been almost a month since I have been on here. It was a crazy month and I feel like I finally have my head back on my shoulders. Here is my update from the last month!
1. We had the 11 day count and I gained 6 awesome new students in my class!
2. We have instructional review next Friday, so we can be observed by district. To be quite honest, I LOVE IRT days! I feel like it’s my day to showcase how awesome my class is!
3. I am trying to plan a field trip to St. Augustine for my 4th Graders.
4. I am on the chair of Red Ribbon Week, and Career day!
5. I am also on the chair of Positive Behavior for my school!
6. I am getting ready to start planning (hopefully) a wedding! 
7. I sign myself up for many many different things in the school….

With all of that said, I want to just say WHEW! I love it! I love challenging myself and making our school a better place. I am excited to put many great things together and have a great school year. Well…lets keep moving forward. I have many things to give you so that you can have a successful year as well.

I made these amazing flyers for our St. Augustine trip…In order to help the parents in our school, we provide fundraisers for our students to help pay for the trip. This year, we are having “Festive Fridays!” I included the “Career Day” flyer! I got the graphics from (LOVE). I also included our flyer for Root for FCAT. We are not allowed to have rallies for the students, but we are allowed to help them feel smart, and wise. I am so excited for Festive Fridays. Be on the lookout for some awesome and entertaining pictures!

On Tuesday, October 2nd, we are having a fun “Jammies Night” at school. The activity is called “Families Building Better Readers.”(FBBR) Our fabulous Reading Coach has had a huge play in what is going on for FBBR. This year, another teacher and I are going to be reading a book to parents. I will model what parents should be doing while their students are reading. I also made a “check for understanding” check mark with several (okay a lot!) of questions on it for the parents. I feel like this will help my students answer questions in their Reading Log. I love the check mark and it is now available to find on my TpT store, and it is free!!!
I know I have so much more to talk about,  but I need to go make some tests for my students!! 

Happy Pinning & happy shopping!!

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