Life as we know it.

Hello everyone!
I am making a vow…right NOW! I vow that I will make an update at least once every 3 days. I will make sure I have time and I promise to make you as happy as you all make me! I wanted to tell everyone how happy I am right now. We (unfortunately) had a hurricane day today, which is like a SNOW DAY for us! My mom won District Vice President for America’s Business Women’s Association. She is the 1st one on the second row. I am so proud of my mom. I cannot believe how far she has come in such an amazing organization. I still have not gotten engaged BUT I did get Wesley (boyfriend) to say yes to a Disney trip on November 9th. (WOOOOOOHOOOOO) 

I joined a very good club at my school. The club is for teachers who want to bring morale of the school back up. Which brings me to the first freebie that you can download today. We’ve Been Gobbled! is my newest creation. It is just like You’ve been booed except, it is for Thanksgiving time. We are starting it next week! I think we are giving it to one person on every other team level. I hope this inspires teachers around the world!
Alright…cool thing number 3- I created FCAT type like questions for my students and I want to share it with you! I like not having a thousand things turned in every day. I also like to save paper! So I created a different type of “Calendar Math” This one is 4 questions a day, based on what the students have learned so far. My kids love Calendar Math and go very very quick with it. I wanted to make sure I started to introduce FCAT 2.0 like questions and lo and behold-Questions 2.0 was born!!! Questions 2.0 can be found HERE. There is another page, and I am using it for the front and back. 
WHEW! I have more…but you will have to pop in tomorrow to see!

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