IEP Mania


A lot of teachers always struggle with ways and things to keep track of IEP’s. We learn so much when we are in college, and then they expect us to use every tool when we graduate? NOOO way! How can we keep track of SOOOOO many students? We are handed a HUGE packet (usually) the first week of school. Then we are expected to memorize the students needs? Uhm…does anyone else struggle with this? So I created my cheat sheet.

I hated reading those GIGANTIC packets of information for IEP’s…so I created the IEP Goals & Accommodations. I made two documents. One was so that I had a complete list of all of my students and their goals for the year. I print this out on NEON pink and then I keep it out during the week so if my students are doing something, I can look to see if they are meeting their IEP Goals. This is a great way to do a quick glance. You will also notice that some students have things underlined. I also put in things that the students are capable of doing. This was mainly what was said about the students last year. If you want a copy for yourself… then POP OVER HERE!

 My second one is a way to track the progress of the students throughout the year. I use this so that when it is time to visit the IEP time, I can easily say…my students were or were not capable of this. I can say…yes! They met this goal, or noooooo 😦 they didn’t meet this goal. If you want to have this one…he (yes, it is a he) will cost you $2.00 at my TpT store. I hope you all enjoy this and it works for you!

Happy Shopping & Happy Pinning!

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