I know in Palm Beach County, the teachers are evaluated on a system called Marzano’s iObservation. Sometimes I like it, sometimes I don’t. One really AWESOME thing that I appreciate about this program is that it asks for teachers to create I Can statements for students EVERYDAY.At first, I found this very very very very time consuming. Then…I learned to adapt. I found out that I should keep the I can statements up on the board…but I should have something that will hold them accountable. I keep up the words “By the end of this lesson, i will be able to…” and then I put the goal for the day up in a different color. The students come in the morning, every morning, and fill in the goals. At the end of every block, they enter what they think they are. They also tell me how much they really paid attention. This goal chart has been fantastic in my classroom. I give it to the students on Monday, they file it on Friday. I am in a win-win situation. I use it during parent conferences- instructional reviews- and during Marzano observations. This is a PDF file and it has many questions and they work for many ages. I took some questions from someone else- and I cannot remember who so…. THANK YOU!! I hope that this document can help your students succeed. Here is the Link for it- and it’s FREE!!!

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