Oh my goodness

Can you believe that is almost June? I have so much to tell you! Let’s start off with what has happened since January.
1. I got engaged!!
2. My best friend found out she was pregnant!
3, My best friend got engaged!
4. FCAT {our state test}
5. I passed my first graduate class!

The first thing I want to show you is my Erin Condren Lesson Plan Book. I found it through the amazing Pinterest and decided after falling in love with it, to buy it.

I open the box and TADA. Even the outside of the box is pretty!

You can have the planner customized with your name and school!

This is for the students who are absent. Every time a student is absent, we are supposed to get a note when a student is absent. This is perfect for us. It has the name, date, reason and if a note came in!

Sorry this is sideways! {whoops} but this is a monthly calendar which I know will be used. The only problem is that the dates are not written in here which {knowing me} will lead to problems/errors.

The left picture has the dates and the right is the last part of the lesson plans. I  love this so much because it is color coded for each day. Also, the “Make EVERYDAY a happyday” is like a bookmark. I can easily find the week.

These last four pictures are stickers. They come with many different things on them as a reminder. They will be placed on the left side of the week. 

Haha! I am already ready to start next year just because of this beautiful planner!!

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