Summer Break

It is my first day of summer break {woohoo}!!! Holy Kleenex, Batman! It has been a fun weekend. This weekend started some really fun adventures with Jessica. We started off making many different things. The first thing we made was for the Bridal Shower. It is a “box” and I say that loosely because it is made to be like a box, however, it surely does not look like a box.

The above picture is the dress. I made this using my brand new Cricut! I still have my basic cricut but I wanted a BIGGER one! {I’m not spoiled…well-maybe a little!} I made this using the “Tags, Bags, Boxes & more”. I made it as big as I could. Then I took the Spellbinder and used swirls to emboss it. I folded it per the directions and placed the following picture in the “box.”
The following picture is my new pair of shoes to wear for Jessica’s wedding. Sigh….aren’t they gorgeous?

The explanation behind this picture is… we had rain for 12 days straight. I wanted something that would protect me from the rain.

 The following is the beginning of something beautiful. I used the hydrangea punch form Martha Stewart. I used the pins from the wedding section in Michaels which happen to be Jessica’s colors. We made this using styrofoam balls. When it comes to Holiday time, I will place these in my classroom for a “wintery” effect.
 My theme for next year is CANDYLAND!!!! Let me tell you how EXCITED I AM!!! I LOVE CANDY. I am always eating candy because it is so good. I decided that this year will be all about CandyLand! I included some different pictures of what I will be using in my classroom. 


Stay tuned for much much more information about this theme! 

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