Kindergarten Morning Work

Hello everyone!

I cannot wait to show you what great new thing I have created! One question that always floats around is Morning Work. And every time I want to SCREAM! I hate printing morning work. I feel like one of the kids who will literally stomp her feet every time she has to print. With that-I started searching last year for a way to stop being at the printer and to not get there early in the morning to run off twenty copies.

Last year, I created a folder labeled “Good Morning Work” and I will run off the copies for the week {or month} depending on what I chose. I used to find many different things from workbooks and of course the amazing Teachers Pay Teachers. However, I went to TpT to search for morning work and really didn’t find anything that I LOVED or had to spend $12.00 on! Of course, now that it is summer time, I decided to make handy dandy morning work- {imagine I was singing that like an opera singer}.

Let’s start off with the outside: 

Since this is a “prototype” of what I want next year to look like, I used my handwriting. However, last year I used folders and did write on the front. This year,  I will use spirals provided by my amazing parents!  I always like to label everything because then I know where everything is and I am not wondering “What’s inside this folder?”
Inside my awesome spiral is my awesome worksheets. Take a look!
This is a set of the first week. I like to keep the weeks divided by a theme. Why? So I can find books and passages based around the theme. The first week is “Back to school.” The students also practice their spelling of their first name.
This is my second week. My second week has two sight words that the kids will work on. In your download you will be able to choose from two different documents. Notice how it says in the Trace and Copy box the sight word {left side} and on the right side the students could work on numbers. I created these two so you could choose between them. The second weeks theme is “Superhero.” It is intended to be for the week of August 25.

This is week 3. It still has the sight words and it is really for labor day week. The theme of the week is “Careers.” It has the 2 sight words also incorporated. If you wait just a few weeks, you can also purchase books that will tie into the theme.

This week is based off of patriotism. I really love this idea because it is the same week as 9/11 and it teaches the students how to be patriotic. 

Week 5 is all about family. We will be doing a family unit {stay tuned}.

The last week is Johnny Appleseed themed which is September 26th.

If you LOVE it -like I hope you will.. then head over to Teachers Pay Teachers to purchase it. It is on sale for just a little bit!

xoxo, Ronnie

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