Happy 4th of July!!! Okay-well it is the 3rd but tomorrow is the 4th! Of course as being a true American {and awesome shopper} I have decided to have a sale ONLY until July 6, 2014. Teachers Pay Teachers has my sale and it only lasts for 3 days!! Let’s move forward.

I have a new awesome item that is on sale today! I am really happy to share with you the new item. Last year, I posted about BUILT which was modified from BUILD to fit my own classroom. I used it in my classroom this year and the games I created and printed last year were AMAZING!!! However, you can read about that later on and not right now {stay tuned for more} about BUILT.

This year-going into Kindergarten, I don’t have the prior knowledge of what is being taught. With that being said, I have also heard through many people that the kids need to know their numbers. Of course this is where they get their foundational knowledge from. Since I can’t create so many games over one summer- I have decided to change up my math block. Here it is!!! I will start off with a basic time like 8 am and I will show you how I do it in an hour or in 45 minutes. Be AWARE- BRAIN OVERLOAD!

Hour Block
8:00-8:15- I do-Teacher directed
8:15-8:30- we do- class & teacher
8:30-9:00 you do- students {centers/BUILT} **This is where we can cut off that extra 15 minutes**
*WHAT! 30 minutes of them working alone? UH-NO! It’s okay! Relax! It will be fine! Are you a teacher that checks homework for completion or for the actual work? I, personally, check for actual work. I like to use it as an “intervention.” I look to see if they understood it while doing their homework. If they understood it, then I do not call them over to me during small group time. I will pull my students who are not making gains on level and will do a quick reteach. But what are my other kids doing? I will show you! Usually, in 4th grade world, I would have educational games set up and worksheets based on what our particular skill is. However, in KindergartenLand, I worry that they won’t come with the knowledge of how to work in groups (until maybe January). With that idea, {and totally mental break down for the thousandth time} I freaked and tried to figure out what I could do with 5 year olds during the time that I pull the other students. This is how my numbers program was born. 
After days of being OCD, I created this product. Once the kids finished their work in the math book, then they will be able to start working their “Mathematician Know It All Book.” I thought it was a cute name to make them feel like real mathematicians! What is inside the book?

In this twenty page PDF (that you download from TpT)- you will be able to get pages just like this all the way up to ten. Don’t worry… I will get you some up to twenty and even thirty. I hope you enjoy it!


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