Erin Condren

I LOVE Erin Condren. Not only is she the cutest CEO ever but she makes the most amazing things. Check out Sparkle the Moon post about her Life Planners. Since I am in an Erin Condren mood… I am going to show you her Teacher Planner. I want to state that I am not affiliated with EC, just a fan.
Here is the cover of the planner. It is very sturdy and pretty thick! She uses a laminate on this to make it sturdy and very durable. 
When you open it- of course you are going to see a super awesome quote- but you will also see several cool pages. You will see your year at-a-glance. Personally, I use this page as a way to track events and birthdays.

After that, you will find the month. This is just a view of the month. A few tabs later you will be able to add things to your lesson plans. A note on the tabs. They are laminated. Yes. Laminated. I was so happy because that keeps it so strong that you are ecstatic it doesn’t break. You will have to enter in your own dates to this. I also put some important dates here as well…

Once you turn the page, you will see three full pages of a place for you to take notes. I this as my notes for faculty meetings, staff meetings, or even a quick *REMEMBER.* 
After you go past the monthly events, you will get to the lesson plans. Unfortunately, it is not filled in and silly me forgot to get the pictures of last years planner! However…on the left side is the date, and the top is the subject. At first honestly…I HATED it! But then when I labeled the top of the planner (last year) I realized how much I loved being able to see the entire week’s lessons.
Not only do you get all of the amazing things…you ALSO get stickers. I love stickers and I love that it is the perfect size to fit in the boxes. Amazing!
I hope that you are now running (or typing) as fast as you can to get to !!! You will not regret it!


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