Rainbow Math

Happy Saturday everyone!
Over the last few days, I have been thrown many different things with our math curriculum. On of the things that came to our attention was that we MUST have all of the kids fluent with their addition from 1 to 10. They need to know it inside, outside, left side, right side, and upside down. Rainbow Math was born! I created this to help first grade teachers come up with better ways to enforce math addition skills. I’m sure I will create a subtraction version as well but for now this is it!
Rainbow Math-Addition is to help students achieve addition fluency by using a color system to track data. Students will be excited to learn their facts as they progress through the colors of the rainbow.
I created a folder (sorry about the glare)- and I labeled it Rainbow Math and their letter. That way we always keep track of who has what folder. I did give each kid the same blue folder, it keeps it easier for me when I say get the rainbow math folder out,  I can immediately tell just by the color of the folder.

Inside the folder is a plastic sleeve and in the plastic sleeve is 20 math sentences. At the top it says “Red Math Facts” so when you are testing the kids, you know exactly what color they are working on. 

In the Rainbow Math file, you will also get a file with all the math facts on it. They are double pages and you can do this in multiple ways…
1. Cut them and put them in a baggie and use these as flashcards
2. Cut them and punch a hole in them and then put on a binder ring and remove color after each level passed.
3. Cut them and punch a hole in them and keep adding colors to the ring to make many fact sentences.
After each student passes the fluency, they will be able to get a certificate (found in the download). There is also a cheat sheet for you. You can enter the kids name into your master checklist and check them off so you know who passes what color. That is great to use at conferences especially when you need to pinpoint the exact fact that they struggle with.
Rainbow Math  can be bought right on the link! I can’t wait to hear all of your thoughts about rainbow math!

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