Voting and Veteran’s Day

Hello everyone!

Today, I want to tell you what’s been going on in room 3-109! Last week, our school was closed because of voting. Our state voted for Governor on November 4th. We did some awesome things to teach about voting. I created a “USA” Corner of the room. 

Look how cute it is! The little box on the left, is actually the “voting” box. Our kids did some really cute voting things. 

First, we read the books Duck For President and Grace for President.
After we read it, we discussed the difference between the two. We made the kids really think about who they would want to be their president. We of course told them they cannot discuss politics in school. We then taught the kids Amendments. That had to be my FAVORITE part! Our amendments were as followed.

Amendment 1- You must wear red shirts Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays.
Amendment 2- Students will get 65 minutes of recess daily.
Amendment 3- Everyone must eat 5 broccoli, 3 celery, and 1 carrot every meal. 
Amendment 4- Everyone must wear earrings.
Amendment 5- All students must read 2 books a night.

Of course, none of these were actually taken into REAL action but it was really fun to do. 

Our voting ballots looked like 

If you want a copy of this, then leave a comment and I will absolutely send it your way! 🙂

Not only did we vote, but we also went to the polls in our school and they gave us a ton of stickers that we were able to give to the kids!

One last thing before we go. I want to show you the anchor chart that we are using this week for Veteran’s Day. I am very proud of it.

This week we will be reading The Wall and we have some books that kids will be reading as well. I am very happy to be teaching them the value of voting and our Soldiers.

Have a wonderful week!

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