Holy kleenex- It’s been two months! I’m sorry everyone…but I have a really good reason!! Since writing here on November 9th… I have found out that I am going to be a mommy! I can’t believe it either. I started to blog about my journey on Sparkle the Moon. If you want to go through this adventure with me then head over there! Now that Trimester 1 is OVER- I can get back to creating all my things and blogging {back on schedule}woot woot!

I am going to start off with my blends book! I am very excited for it. This was my first blending book so here ya go…

In every PDF file there is a little book. Two books per page.
Little book with two books per page

I love the little books. Here is a clip of what one of the pages looks like.

Along with a little book there a few pages to make it that much better. One of the things is this fill in the blank booklet. There is also a poem that goes with it, a template for interactive notebooks, identifying words that have the blend and building the words. 

Here is a direct link to the blends made so far..
Enjoy and leave any comments below!!

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