Summer Slide

Hello everyone!

I hope your end of the year events are going well. We ended our school year on June 4th and being 33 weeks pregnant- I COULDN’T WAIT! Not only did I end my school year but we also moved into our new house the week before school got out. It’s been very crazy over here and now since school is out- I am getting the nursery ready. Although my personal life has so much going on… it doesn’t mean my babies don’t have work as well. I created a summer packet for my kids and this was awesome because it targeted everything we had learned this year. 

I bought gallon ziplock bags and put all of their little goodies inside of it. 

What was inside the bag?
– Addition & Subtraction Fluency Set
– Week 1
– Week 2
– Week 3
– Week 4
– Week 5
-Week 6
– A parent packet with websites and tips & tricks for reading & math
– A page for passwords
– A pencil
– A list of books to read for summer 
– Dolch sight words

The underlined items are things I found online and are not in the summer slide packet. 
So what is inside the Week’s 1-6? Well each front cover is made to be printed one sided only. On the front is a cute little cover where they can write their name. On the back is a reading log. I made every two weeks the same color and then I switched to a different color. Once you open the packet there is different activities to do. For example each week has some type of writing exercise. [Don’t mind my ugly nails.]
There are also math activities to do. [Sorry- I can’t find out how to rotate it back.]
There are coins, ten frames, tally marks and many other activities based on the first grade curriculum. 
There are also two stories in each packet. One story is a fiction story. There are questions that go along with it. There is also a non fiction story-mainly about animals- and there are of course questions to go along with that.
Each week also has math word problems and if you need more word problems you can stop by my store and purchase word problems based on the months. There are also fill in the blanks for the correct verb tenses.
There are also some character traits pages and each packet has a sight word list. Then the students are to make sentences using the sight words listed above.
Hopefully this was super helpful to you and that you want to help your kids become even more successful! I can’t wait to hear your comments below!

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