Fifth Grade Reading homework

Hey everyone! I’m super excited for this one. This is all about reading homework!

Let me start off with I despise reading logs. I really do. Anyone can fake a reading log or cheat on it or even forge their parents signatures. I wanted something to hold my students accountable. Years ago I created a folder and the kids had to fill it in but since I never read the books I was never able to hold them accountable with the correct answers. Well guess what…I found an amazing solution!!! (Where are the cheer cannons?!?! None?…oh ok.)
When I last taught intermediate, we had all these books come off adoption so I got them all! YES! However, we weren’t allowed to use them for guided reading anymore. So I never did anything with them until now. 

I decided to create a weekly reading book. The take home reading folders are quite simple even though they sound kind of difficult. On the left side of the folder is the book,  and on the right side is the daily questions. It is only about 3-4 questions a day and by Friday the whole weekly reading packet will be done. 
How do I sort this out?
1. there are 3 different color folders.
Orange [below level]
-Green [On level]
-Purple [Above Level]

Each color (all 6-10 students) have the EXACT same book. That way I won’t have to keep checking and asking myself-who read what book? However, I do have a check list to make sure I don’t repeat any books…you know…just in case.

Every Friday I collect the folders take out the books and the questions and as always, I check for correct answers and not completion. I don’t believe in checking just for completion. (Why give the kids work if you aren’t even going to see if they know how to do the particular skill?) That is an entirely different story.
On Monday, I call the group colors up to me in the morning and I give them their folders back, along with the new questions and the new book. They have the responsibility of putting it in the correct part of their folder because come on…they are fifth graders. 

It’s a really simple process and it works out great! 
Questions you may have:
What books am I using?
-Old Harcourt series
-Our Journeys series (old basal from district that is off adoption)
-Reading A-Z
Where do I get the questions from: 
-Typically, I don’t really like multiple choice so I create open ended questions and the students have to use the RACE acronym to answer the questions.
Can I sell the questions?
-I have no problem selling the questions, but I don’t know if a lot of people have the exact same books as me and I have yet to find them on Amazon. If I sell them it’d be like a dollar for all 3 levels. Would anyone be interested in the questions?

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