Linky Party

Woohoo! I’ve joined my first link party. This one is all about everything you’ve done for the week. Let me tell you…It was a LOT this week!
We took my 11 month old to Georgia to see my in laws and then to Chattanooga. 

 We went to the Georgia Aquarium and the Tennessee Aquarium. I loved both but that is a whole different story.

We also went to Rock City and Ruby Falls which is quite amazing. Have you seen Ruby Falls? It’s a waterfall in the middle of the mountain. It was pretty cool!

Sarah and I finished our 3rd book for Dive Into Reading. They are mini-lessons and interactive read aloud lesson plans along with lots of other really awesome things but that will be posted about by next Wednesday so check back for that!

 Last but not least, I started Guided Math for fifth grade since I will be teaching fifth next year. So far I am about 4 lessons in (out of 11) and I absolutely love it. It’s engaging, it’s hands on, it’s interactive journals. Each lesson has Whole Group Lesson, Small Group Lesson, Remediation, On-level, and Above Level lessons, 2 pages of Classwork (we are a district where you must have places to practice to your work), an exit slip, and 2 pages of home-learning. I’m really proud of how much I’ve accomplished since Monday!

4 thoughts on “Linky Party

  1. Lindsay Marcaccio says:

    Looks like you're having lots of fun and family time! 🙂 I started Guided Math this year in my 5th grade classroom and I LOVED it! It takes a ton of planning, but it pays off big time for the students!
    Enjoy your travels!
    Word Walls & Wanderlust


  2. Ronnie Eyre says:

    Hi Lindsay!
    We had a ton of fun and lots and lots of family time. I did Guided Math in first grade last year but now moving back to fifth grade I wanted to make sure I can still do Guided Math. I'm almost done with my first unit (woohoo!) on place value so that's exciting. What a difference Guided Math makes. It makes such a difference!


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