Evaluations 2.0

Hey ya’ll!

I’m so excited to show you slight improvements to my original post about Evaluations. If you want to read the previous post click here
I made some minor changes to the system. As I’ve become a better teacher, my products have become slightly better. The concept itself remained the same. I still found it extremely useful to keep them as circles and to have an evaluation on each side. One side showed me their score and one showed me what they felt that they were like with their work. This is just a few ways that I tweaked it over the years.

1. I laminated all the circles and the had a parent volunteer cut them for me.
2. I punched a hole in them.
3. I used binder rings instead
4. I used command hooks on the desk to hold them in place.
5. I wrote the students letter on the front. We never lost one again.
6. I put them on Astrobright paper. (Obsessed…what teacher isn’t?)

I am hopeful that some of these helped you with the many questions you had about the evaluations.

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