September Dive Into Reading

Hey everyone!
I would like to formally introduce you to my friend Sarah! Sarah and I are great friends and we have created an amazing product for you! Last year, when I came back from maternity leave I was a mess in so many ways. One of the big ways was that I never felt successful as a teacher. I feel like I was barely keeping my head above the water. I needed something to use in my classroom for reading so I could just print the lesson plans, any vocabulary words, and the crafts and be DONE! This is how Dive Into Reading began. 

We are creating all of these units for every grade but bare with us. We are starting with first grade and then up to fifth grade. What does each unit entail?

I wanted to add some pictures as well you get a really good idea of what comes in each unit!
****This unit will be posted on Wednesday, June 15th****
We are so proud of this that we are actually giving away the entire first unit! 
Sign up below!

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