I have 90 minutes for reading…what do I do?

Let me start off with congratulations!!! 90 minutes for reading is an ideal time. Our district does provide us with 90 minutes of reading plus an additional 30 minutes of intensive intervention for the lowest 25% of the class. So really I have 120 minutes of reading. That is a lot of time!!! What do I do during that time? Well I will break this into two posts…this one will be for intermediate grades and the second post will be just for primary. 

Let’s start off with the components of my reading block. I’ll get into details in so many ways and through many different posts so hang tight on that one. 

1. Mini-Lesson- it’s a quick ten minute lesson that teaches the students explicitly a lesson. (Ten minutes)  

2. Interactive Read Aloud- probably one of my favorite times of the day. You read students a book and allow them to get immersed into the book or novel. (Twenty minutes)

3. Independent- you can either do strategy Groups (intermediate) or guided reading (primary). Like I said earlier, I’ll get more descriptive throughout other posts. (45-50 minutes)

4. Shared reading- yes, even in intermediate you still do shares reading!! This is where we all have the same document or item and we are all working together to dissect the article or text. (10-15 minutes)

Now that you are aware of these components let’s start by talking about how my block looks. 

9:30-9:40- mini lesson

9:40-10:00- interactive read aloud

10:00-10:45- independent reading time

10:45-11:00- shared reading 

At the beginning of the year, it takes some time to get into the flow. After about 2-3 weeks though, we are rocking and rolling! 

Stay tuned for more details within each of these 4 components within the reading block!!!
Hugs and High Fives,


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