New Teacher Survival Course

New teacher survival course Small.jpg

Why would one create a New Teacher Survival Course?

How did NTSC come about? Well, I had a really rough first year of teaching. Like…really rough! I had no support-then I realized, if I had no support…did other teachers?

Turns out not very many school districts provide support for New Teachers. This has lead to states scrambling for teachers, and a major shortage of teachers because they leave after a few years. (Don’t get me started on pay.) I finally realized that if I wanted to see a change…I needed to make a change.

New Teacher Survival Course was born.

It wasn’t easy to get here either. I had many hurdles that I had to constantly conquer.

I had many self doubts, but finally I realized that if this had been around when I was first starting out…there would not have been so many tears. There would not have been so many struggles and hurdles. The first year of teaching is the hardest year…honestly…I would have said of my life.

It is also insanely rewarding and I am so glad I chose this profession.

When you join New Teacher Survival Course, you don’t just join to learn how to conquer your first year. You join because you want help, someone to rely on, and guidance.

Don’t worry. That’s what I’m here for.

I can’t wait to see you New Teacher Survival Course!

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