When planning a lesson…



Planning a lesson-reading, math, writing, science or social studies- can be a daunting task.

Having an essential binder is what I would call a planning lifesaver.

I’m going to be completely honest with you…I am a super planner.

If you’re not a super planner- you may just want to skip over this post!

Okay-so when you start to plan you usually sit down and have a goal in mind…right? You think of all the things you want the students to accomplish by the end of the lesson.

Unfortunately, I don’t have your goals or scales and can’t help you with that. What I can help you with is show you my planning binder.

This binder is my essential binder. When I say essential, I mean every possible thing I could need is here.

I don’t know if I’d be such a planner with out…the binder needs me-I don’t need it. 


So what’s in my binder?

The first thing found in my binder are the state standards. In Florida, we have LAFS and MAFS. Seriously- that is what they are called.

I have all the standards in order of my day- sowhen I plan, I can just flip through the pages to move through each subject. I also have science fair game standards-which are the standards that we need to reteach from 3rd and 4th grade.


Next, I have the Kagan structures. This is a HUGE 5-day training that I went to and I bought these for my binder. If you are trained in Kagan-get this. If you have yet to be trained-unfortunately- I can’t discuss it with you. Research some Kagan structures. You won’t be disappointed.


Next is my If…then by Jen Jones. This has helped me more times than I can count. When I am working on my small group activities- I refer here to see what I should do in order to help support that student. Here is the link to her if…then document. You won’t regret it! Jen Jones If…then



Next, I have Costa’s level of thinking. Costa’s level of thinking helps me sort out some of those higher order questions. Coming up with questions for my read aloud is always difficult-it really is!

What do I do so I am successful? I have over forty pages of different type of questions I can ask during lessons, small groups, or homework follow up questions. 





Throughout the year, I add a ton of different resources to this binder.

When it comes down to it- it’s a binder full of necessary things to help me be successful. 

What would you put in your binder? Leave comments below to help other teachers out!


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