Reading Lesson Plans


Are you self contained? I am.

Do you have to write all of your lesson plans? I do.

My reading block is one of the most intricate lesson plans I have to write for,

I have to plan for over 5 things a DAY! This is not even including Triple I or RTI!!

I plan for:

  • Mini-lesson (skills and strategies)
  • Interactive read-aloud (book, turn and talk questions, think aloud questions, and reading response questions)
  • Group 1 Strategy Group (or Guided Reading)
  • Group 2 Strategy Group (or Guided Reading)
  • Group 3 Strategy Group (or Guided Reading)
  • Whatever the rest of the class is working on while I am working with the groups
  • Shared reading

That’s a lot to plan for. How does a teacher that ONLY teaches reading do that? Heck if I know.

How do I keep it all straight?

Honest truth- I don’t. That’s right- I don’t have my s*** together, Well not every day.

In my head, I have too much going on. I focus on other stuff so instead of keeping it in my brain- I write it down. (I’m a paper pencil type person.)

I have a planning sheet that helps me keep all parts of  my lessons organized and on track.

Presentatiemail pic 4on4

It really does amazing wonders for the planner in me.

I should also be completely honest with you.

I don’t follow this perfectly.

Really, I don’t.

Some days, I have to my planning page away completely…or just move into the next day. Sometimes, I know that I can just move it over to another day, but then there are those days where you just have to crumple it up and trash it.

That is perfectly fine! You don’t need to keep it the same every time or even follow the plans. Sometimes I completely forget that I have lesson plans and just do what my kids need.

Last week, I wrote about my Essential Binder. My Essential Binder is extremely important because it has all the questions for the reading lessons that I could possibly need. If you need the link it is here! If you want the lesson plans be sure to sign up for our emails below.

Email Img.jpg

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