Non fiction Books for 5th Graders;

Have you searched forever and a day for a nonfiction book to use with your\ 5th graders but you somehow never find just the right thing? That’s me every time we start nonfiction. Last year, I made it my mission to find nonfiction books that hit each and every skill.

I knew that almost ALL fifth graders knew almost all different types of text features. I didn’t want to harp on that. I felt that the context was so much more important than just the features. Don’t get wrong-the features are important. However, by 5th grade the content/structure is even more important.

This nonfiction book has been amazing to use. We actually spend an entire week really diving into this book. We don’t just skim the surface but we compare and contrast like crazy!

This book also relates to some of this Social Studies [Social Science] standards too. 😜 This book is called George vs. George by Rosalyn Schanzer.

Here’s how I use this book.

Step 1- I take all of their knowledge about George Washington and list it. The kids have some prior knowledge about the King of England and will list some of this as well. I usually make a KWL chart with them.

Step 2-we read it. We don’t read the entire thing but we start by comparing their lifestyle which is the beginning of the book.

Step 3- then we compare how they both have ruled and any other pieces that may apply.

Step 4- we then take all of that information and will create a summary comparing the two leaders I start off with little pieces and then will build from there to compare.

This is just one of the many books I use in my classroom to teach nonfiction -text structure- compare and contrast. What books do you use to teach compare and contrast?

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