Planning my TpT Life

I have had so many people tell me that I have my life together. I replied simply with 2 words- I don’t. I am fair from having it together. Unfortunately that’s one of the sides of social media right? We only have to show you the good. We don’t have to show you the bad.

Here is what you don’t see behind the camera:

  1. My work area is my kitchen table. I have a desk but I feel lonely there so I don’t use it. My table is a mess and we have 3 lovely spots for us to eat our meal. The rest may or may not be covered with TpT things.
  2. My kids clothes aren’t all put away.
  3. Our dresser is still in my son’s bed room- we redid the carpet in our bedroom (3 months ago) and haven’t moved it back yet.
  4. I forget to schedule my Instagram posts.
  5. I never remember to do my facebook posts.
  6. I hired someone to do my Pinterest account-sooo take that off my plate.
  7. I could keep going. However, this list is already stressing me out.

What you need to understand is that my life is not all together. Behind closed doors- it’s a mess. (Isn’t everyone’s at some point?)

Last month, I created a planner. It is a simple but strategic planner for TpT sellers. It’s honestly- how I keep my ish together. The planner is broken down by small sections.

Part 1- It has all of the important social media dates and a way to keep track of your social media data.

Part 2- Products from Start To Finish guide

Part 3- Monthly Calendar from January to December

Part 4- Monthly product idea page and monthly blog about it page

Part 5- Monday through Sunday planning pages- BUT the best part is that each day it has a daily task for you. The daily social media tasks are already written in for you. For example, every Monday is schedule all of your facebook posts. Each day is something else.

I did go to Office Depot and have it printed in black and white- front to back with a spiral bound for only $20.00

This has been a game changer for me and you won’t regret it. Want to purchase this now? You can head right to my TpT store and purchase it! Happy Planning!

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