The Power of a Bulletin Board

We all want a welcoming classroom. Even if you are a teacher that doesn’t “care” about how the classroom looks- you still somewhat care. Teachers are always looking for ideas for bulletin boards and there was something I learned about myself and bulletin boards. Well actually there was a few things.

  1. I don’t LOVE putting them up.
  2. I LOVE making motivational bulletin boards.
  3. I want here to a message that will go with the bulletin board.

It may sound silly but these are some things that I really needed to learn about myself when it came to bulletin boards. Last year, I put up a bulletin board in my classroom and it looked like below:

I believe in you! bulletin board

I put this up around diagnostics time and I knew that those 4 words were already making a difference. I looked at students work and almost every student somewhere in the test wrote the word “believe.” I never specifically harped on the bulletin board and I just put these words up. These words really seemed to hit home for kids that I never thought needed it. That was when I realized that kids have things going on that we have NO idea about. So how could I come up with other ones? Well I created the “smarter” bulletin board and honestly- I was surprised by how the kids reacted.

1st Graders would tell me that they were super smart because the “wall” told them. Students from 5th grade would constantly read the bulletin board. Not only was it something super simple to do but it made a difference. The words were motivators for students to do their best and honestly…to believe in themselves. The sad part about this post is that this may be one of the only times in a while that someone actually believes in a specific student. You never know who your bulletin board can affect and can make their day better. Your words mean something and I know that a positive message on a bulletin board can really make a difference. So here is my question for you…will you go and change your bulletin board to encourage your students?

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