February Dive Into Reading

Every year I plan EVERY SINGLE SUBJECT. It’s so hard. I have gotten better as I’ve stayed in grades longer. I also have learned so much about myself as well. Recently, I learned that I like all of my lesson plans done. 🤭 I am not just talking about math- but I am including reading in there as well! I was tired of waiting until the last minute to find a book. Tired of finding picture books to go with the skill. Tired of writing lesson plans year after year. I don’t want to go through the stress of finding higher order questions through EVERY book.

I stopped the cycle. I no longer torment or torture myself anymore over reading plans. I now use my new Dive Into Reading lesson plans. All of my lesson plans are done for me. All of my vocabulary words are done and even defined for me! All of my questions AND text dependent questions as well are done for me. No longer do I have to worry about lesson plan writing time. I actually have all of my reading lesson plans done! It’s truly amazing and I am beyond proud that I now get to leave on time because I’m not spending hours upon hours writing my lesson plans!

The February advice Into Reading until is geared around social issues. It’s great for kids to see different perspectives that they normally might night see. They also are themed based on what the month is about. A lot of tome in 5th grade you can’t always have a “themed” book because – well- you have tests. I found a way around that. I included two books that are about civil rights AND teach a skill. They also allow the teacher to teach about history as well which sometimes is passed by. The chapter book as well goes with the picture book and supports the theme.

In February, our chapter book is The Watson’s go to Birmingham. It’s a truly amazing book and Christopher Paul Curtis pulls you in with the first chapter. The second chapter book we read is Number the Stars. Lois Lowry makes you believe that all of the story is true. You want to fight for what’s right based on both of these books. Both of the books are thought provoking. All of the chapter book questions are provided for you. You can also print them on sticky notes (templates provided) and insert them into your book and go. All vocabulary cards are a quick print and cut. Want to give sticky notes for reading responses? Print them on Avery labels and Voila! Your reading response or text dependent questions are now easier than ever to respond to!

What books will you use? There are actually six picture books for this unit. The skills we will be tackling are overcoming obstacles, zoom in moment and using schema, views about the same topic from two different point of views, and inferring feelings while providing evidence.

How do you hold students accountable with all of the skills being taught? Allow them a place to collect their notes. They will doodle their notes and write their answers on provided doodle note. While you are teaching, the students get to go over the skills as well. Review and get a hands on feel while working on the skill.

This Unit May be favorite unit of all of my Dive Into Reading units. I absolutely love The Watson’s and I feel like the students learn so much from the characters.

My mommy always said work smarter, not harder. Well- now I’m allowing you to work smarter by using all of my lesson plans. You heard that right, all of my reading lesson plans are done for you. All you have to do is go to my TpT store and check out all of my Dive Into Reading units. You deserve to go home on time. Don’t stay late anymore. My lesson plans are done and guess what- your lesson plans can be done for you as well.

If you have any questions, you can comment below OR email me at ateacherswonderland@gmail.com

Hugs & High-Fives!


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