Guided Math for 5th Grade Teachers

Your hands on math lessons planned out for you so you don’t have to do the work!


5th Grade Guided Math by A Teacher’s Wonderland

What is Guided Math? Guided Math is a method of teaching that allows the students to develop skills independently and through math centers along with teacher directed tasks. You will experience a difference in your math lessons when you use Guided Math. Your lessons will run smoothly, you will be able to differentiate your groups, allow students to successfully work independently and collaboratively with classmates to work on classwork or math games.


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Each unit contains

  • A lesson page with:
    • Standards
    • I can statement
    • Materials
    • Mini-Lesson
    • Support for lowest students
    • Support for low-medium/high-medium students
    • Challenges for high students
  • 2 Classwork pages
  • An exit slip for each lesson (have to get your grades somehow!)
  • 2 Homework Pages
  • A unit assessment



  • “The amount of detail in each lesson was amazing! This made my life a million times easier!”- Monica
  • Words cannot express how amazing these units are! Thank you so much for sharing! The units are broken down beautifully with meaningful activities, and the assessments are great! These are worth the money! -Mrs. Wilkins
  • Our book does not do a good job providing adequate practice for students and we have had to supplement a lot of our own stuff. This is exactly what we have been looking for! Thank you!! – Samantha

Who is this for?

Any 5th grade teacher that wants to step away from the text book and use hands on learning to engage their students on a daily basis.

Are you looking to get started with Guided Math but you don’t know where to start? Check out our

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Q. Will there be other 5th Grade Guided Math Units?

A. Unless other teachers need additional series, there will only be 11 units.

Q. Will there be other grades with your Guided Math series?

A. Yes, I am starting from the top and working my way down. I just started working on 4th grade Guided Math Units.

Q. Are you selling to schools?

A. Yes, in fact, I have sold to several schools to help supplement and support their curriculum.

Q. Does this really work?

A. Yes, with time and patience you can have a successful Guided Math Classroom.

My Story

Guided Math has been huge in my teaching career. When I switched schools, I looked very hard for 5th grade Guided Math Curriculum. I never found it. I decided to start creating centers and rotations to help myself throughout the school. Then one day I realized that if I was struggling finding 5th grade curriculum, other teachers were as well. Instead of just making stuff for myself, I decided to help other fifth grade teachers across America!